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PDF Embedder Premium v4.4.1 для WordPress

The PDF Embedder Premium plugin for WordPress provides dynamic and elegant document viewing for visitors to your site, with added support for mobile devices.


It has a unique method for embedding PDF files using only javascript and not using iframes or third-party services that may experience interruptions. Download PDF files and paste them directly on your website – like adding images! PDF files will be automatically measured to their natural size and shape.

The PDF Embedder Premium version has additional features that are not available in the free version:
Continuous scrolling between pages
The “Download PDF” button allows users to get a PDF to read in their own viewer selection
Full Screen button
Fully functioning hyperlinks
Go directly to the page by typing the page number
Track the number of views and downloads
Without a brand – without a link to

Mobile-friendly PDF files
Other document viewers are cumbersome for users with small screens – it is difficult to position a document completely inside the screen, and your users’ fingers can capture the entire browser page when they are only trying to navigate through the document…

PDF Embedder Premium solves this problem with intelligent full screen mode. When a document is smaller than a certain width, it is displayed only as a “thumbnail” with a large “Full-screen View” button that the user can click when they want to explore your document. This opens the document so that it focuses entirely on the mobile browser, and the user can navigate through the document without mistakenly getting to other parts of the web page. Click Exit to return to the normal web page.

Click the “Full Screen View” button on the phone image at the top right to try it out!


PDF Embedder Premium v4.4.1 для