New GOLDSVET 8.0 Casino Script / mrs

A new version of the GOLDSVET 8.0 system has been released / mrs / casino club
A lot of updates from goldsvet. Plus, new games have been added.

The script has been decoded and unlinked from the GOLDSVET license. (you can resell the casino script to other hands)

{1} The casino script has no domain bindings.
{2} All games are DECRYPTED and open source.
{3} There are Over 1000+ games in total.
{4} Games in the modern HTML5 format will work both on the computer and on the phone.

There are clear installation instructions. how to set up and install the script and the server.
It is possible to help install the casino script for an additional fee ($50)
To avoid difficulties with installing the casino script, Send the installation instructions to technical support on your hosting. They will set up the server for you for free – this is their job.

There are free-kassa and coinpayments payment systems. You can make any other one that works with the casino.

Скрипт казино GOLDSVET MRS 2021 год
Video Review of the casino script