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The script of the HYIP Express Wallet is free

Download the ExpressWallet hype script for free.

The ExpressWallet script is made in a modern design.A convenient and functional Admin panel.

Automatic replenishment and payments work properly, as well as the script has been tested and is fully functional.

Anti-hacking protection is installed!


The data from the database is written in the file data/connect.php

How do I log in to the admin panel?

We register a new user (remember the password)
IMPORTANT – the user must have ID 1 in the database
If there is already a user ID 1 in the database, delete it and set yourself ID 1.
NEXT, Copy your password (in the Pass field) It is encrypted in MD 5
In the td_adm database, insert this password in MD 5 in the Pass field

Next, we log in to your site from user ID 1

We go to the admin area on the way http://ваш website/tTjOqfzTTCrppuOj/index.php?a=profile
And we enter the admin data there- Login, password and secret key, which are registered in the database in td_adm
Currently, the database has 1 login-admin, password-admin,secret key-fV8gkKMGDI.

There is also a detailed instruction in the archive with the script.

скрипт хайпа ExpressWallet
скрипт хайпа ExpressWallet
скрипт хайпа ExpressWallet