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pages\home.php this is the description on the main page

lines in config.php line $srok=30; This is 30 days

% per day /cabinet/my.php line $day_percent=0.20; this is 20% per day

/kassa.php = $refus1 = $inf[‘sum’]*0.10; this is 10% referral

pages/ms.php setting up bids — nvuti

cabinet/bonus.php setting up a bonus

we write the password from the database and the name in config.php Line 4 and 6 and in pages/ms.php Line 7

setting up surfing in config.php — surfing
payer connection
Successful payment URL: name/my/success URL
unsuccessful payment : name/my/fair
Handler URL: название/каѕѕа.рһр we
recommend setting the site to http://

Site screenshots:

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Download the CashPay script for free