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DEMO 49 Doubler script with Admin panel

Download the DEMO 49 Doubler script for free.

There is a convenient and functional Admin panel.

Admin Panel Features :

Cheat Statistics-Payouts-deposits.Cheating Of Participants.

Installing a link to Telegram, Installing a link to Vkontakte, Installing administrator mail.

Setting the start date of the project, Changing the curator to the participant, Removing participants from the project.

Clearing the database.Correction of erroneous payments.

To log in to the Admin Panel, you need to Register a user with ID 1.

Next, enter the password from the admin panel in the file core/config.php

Log in from a user with ID 1 and enter the admin password!

Login to the admin panel (your site)/?page=admin.


Скрипт удвоителя DEMO 49
Скрипт удвоителя DEMO 49

Personal account

Automatic replenishment and payments work properly, as well as the script has been tested and is fully functional.

Hacking protection has been installed, all holes have been closed, vulnerabilities and malicious scripts have been removed.You don’t have to worry about security!


Unzip the downloaded archive.
Upload the script to the hosting (all files should be in their places).
Create a database and import a file from the archive into it …sql
Data from the database is written in the file /core/config.php it also makes all the necessary settings.
PHP version 5.6

Ways to set up a PAYEER merchant
Successful payment URL:
The URL of the failed payment : The
URL of the handler:

Ways for Crohn’s

Checking the balance

*http or https depending on the type of connection.
* you change it to your domain.

Download the DEMO 49 Doubler script for free.