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The script of the economic game You Money

Download the script of the economic game for free

An economic game with money withdrawal in a unique design

Surfing bonuses, etc. PAYEER payment system auto payments

classes/_class.config.php DATABASE and PAYEER SETTINGS

ADMIN /?menu=admin4ik
login admin pass admin is IMPORTANT to change not in the database , but in pages/admin/_login.php — Line 16

The script has been cleaned of vulnerabilities and holes

PAYEER settings and create a store.
success: http://вашсайт.ru/success.php
fail: http://вашсайт.ru/fail.php
status: http://вашсайт.ru/payeer_merchant.php

reCAPTCHA: register a key pages/_signup.php — 130 line — data-sitekey=”6LcvBFXt6AU6vjBWXI-6VX”

Скрипт экономической игры