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the script of the topcars economic game

Download the TOPCARS economic game script for free


upload files to the hosting except for the database
upload the database
we go along the path: /config/database.php
setting up a connection to the server and database. ‘host’ => ‘localhost’,
‘dbname’ => ‘, (DB Name) ‘user’ => ‘, (DB User name)
‘password’ => ‘*‘, (DB password)
go through the path: /config/defines.php setting up the information data
, go to /components/PayConfig.php we set up payment systems and register a recaptcha at the bottom.

handlers :
payeer: вашсайт.ru/handler/py
freekassa: вашсайт.ru/handler/fk
yandex money: вашсайт.ru/handler/ym
advcash: вашсайт.ru/handler/ac
Successful payment URL:
The URL of the failed payment:

we go to views/ru/index.php
we find the date 2018 by searching and replace the date and month with English (for example, if April, then April)
admin panel at: 
to get data from the admin panel, you need to register in your project, then go to the database from the user_001 column, take your cached password, copy it, go to the db_config column and replace the login and password field with your cached password, now go to the admin panel address and enter your account password into the login and password fields, 2 times ( the first time the token is incorrect, the second time the admin panel will open)

Generate your start date in Unix format and paste it into the db_config column in the date_start column

You can generate a date here: — scripts for the webmaster!!!

The script has been successfully installed!


Download the TOPCARS economic game script for free