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Script Cpocket Crypto Wallet NULLED 2021
This is a complete secure CryptoCurrency wallet. The system platform is developed using the Laravel and MySQL frameworks. Our system is 100% secure and dynamic. It is integrated with a coin payment gateway that supports all available cryptocurrencies whose coin payment support. It has the function of buying coins with a bank deposit and a coin payment gateway, and also has a deposit, withdrawal, referral system, membership system, blocked coin, and also receives a bonus and many other functions necessary to launch a wallet. This is the most advanced platform for creating your own currency wallet. A good business opportunity is that he has the opportunity to bet coins and function in the club with a customizable bonus bonus.




Product Description:
It is a dynamic web application developed by MySQL & Laravel Framework. Our system is 100% safe for every user. It is supported by the coin payment gateway for all supported cryptocurrencies. In addition, there is a coin purchase functionality. The features that you want to successfully launch Crypto Callet are available on this wallet, such as – referral system, deposit, withdrawal, blocked coins, receive bonus, membership system with many additional features. Whatever the best platform is for creating your own currency using our Scower Secure System. Coin ordering, membership club and configurable bonus rewards are the greatest opportunity to create your business goal.

Applied technologies:
We used Laravel to create this application with PHP 7.x, MySQL 5.x.
The wizard installation process.
The technology we also used is HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP.
It is configured with a clear documentation folder for the code structure.
Project highlights:
A folder of transparent documentation for code structures.
Email verification for profile and email management.
3-tier Referral System with FAQ Management & SMS setup using Twilio
Google authentication with two-factor security system.
Transparent documentation folder for code structures
Our ITECH team built this application using transparent details of the basic documentation folder. This file and code are well organized to nicely customize how you want. Our goal is to smooth out the user experience. That’s why we have taken all the initiatives for our users and have a wonderful first touch experience. Users can store bitcoin data in this data directory or any other folder. The state of the blocks and chains are based on a cross-platform. Your bitcoin will be treated as a block database that will be 100% trustworthy. Each node has a unique database block, which is highly protected by encrypted technologies.

Email verification for profile management and email
To protect your profile, you can use the email verification method. From the email button, you can click the verification option to make your account more secure. Simply request a confirmation code to the selected email address. If you want, you can also change the email address that is associated with the wallet. Don’t forget to confirm it again.

Use all the security control keys to manage your profile. Apply the U2F/Webauthn standard. If you enable one new security key, the previous security key will be disabled automatically. Use PME to get your ownership and monetization right. Send your cryptocurrency via email, the latest payment platform. This smart platform will help you avoid theft or lost crypto. It’s just a complete wallet protection.

3-tier Referral System with FAQ Management & SMS setup using Twilio
Users can enjoy a three-tier referral system. Share your link by activating the referral link. If you contact your friend and he will also contact his friend, you will receive a referral bonus. Your friend will receive a referral bonus from his friend’s referral. Thus, you can continue the three-level bonus reward. So, to get your bonus, follow these tricks and earn more money through your crypto wallet.

If you have any questions about our crypto wallet, you can use our FAQ section to find out about it. The use of cryptocurrency, the process of converting the information being developed, the Uncruct digital code, transactions, referrals, purchases and other information will be available there.

Track your currency by setting an SMS alarm via Twilio. This new technology will appear in the daily reports. So you can sit back and do it yourself. Just wait for your opportunity.

Google Authentication with two-factor secure system
This security system is available for both the App Store & Play Store. Therefore, when you log in to your profile, providing your user ID and password, you will be given a code. If you have activated this authentication system from the settings, our website will automatically promote you for the code to gain full access.

2-step verification is an additional layer of security for your crypto wallet. This is a temporary password or OTP that will be automatically generated by Google Authenticator or an SMS code. So don’t forget to choose this security system