Script – box case Website for opening prize boxes

Script – box case Website for opening prize boxes

The store of surprise cases. Website for opening prize boxes

A ready-made solution with payment by bank card. The client pays with a card and receives an information product – The money is credited directly to your bank card.

Payment is made through the p2p gateway (card-to-card transfer service)

You will receive the box-case script itself

Also, the most valuable thing is the payment itself. It’s in the pay folder/


Register your bank card where the money will be credited in the file pay/b/cmd.php

If you need to change the amount – pay/b/index.php

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Opening box cases
The opening system or how does it work?
You are offered 6 cases with prizes. Opening one of the cases, nine cells appear in front of you, erasing them, you must guess 3 identical items to win it. If three attempts are not enough, you can buy an additional option and erase the fourth cell. Even if you lose, you get a guaranteed prize that can be sold or delivered to your address.

Am I guaranteed to get a prize?
By opening one of the six cases, regardless of whether you are lucky enough to guess three identical items under the cells or not, you get one of the goods available in the case. The boxes in the Box-Case are a kind of lottery analog, but without the possibility of losing. You get your prize in any outcome.

How do I open a case and get a prize from it?
The product is determined using a complex algorithm that generates random items located in cells with boxes. However, the chance directly depends on the value of the product. For example, in the first case, the probability of receiving valuable prizes is 15%, and the chance of getting a Luxury Naviforce watch or smartphone is 5%. No one knows in advance when a particular prize will fall out.