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Adaptive website surfing using the Fruit Farm engine

Download the Adaptive website surfing script on the FruitFarm engine for free

Adaptive website surfing on the FruitFarm engine Hello. Let me introduce you to a project that will really bring you only passive income on the Internet, namely adaptive surfing of sites based on a “fruit farm”. Let’s figure out why by downloading this site and becoming its owner, you will only be in the black. The fact is that this project provides only surfing sites and nothing superfluous, which means that users will buy advertising on this resource, and others will view it and earn money at the same time. But where is the passive income? You may ask. And we will answer you: All your income will come from the difference. The one that the advertiser pays by placing his surfing on the project and what the user who will make clicks on this advertisement will receive. Here! For example: An advertiser paid 80 rubles for 1000 views at the maximum tariff, and the viewer of the ad will receive only 56 rubles. The difference between these figures will be your permanent income! Note that in any case you will be in the black, because you will not have to pay anyone anything, but only take your percentage from the project and that’s it. How do you like it? That’s what we’re talking about. The project is designed in a very beautiful ADAPTIVE template. What does an adaptive template mean? And the fact that this site surfing will be displayed without problems on all mobile devices and automatically adjust to the size of any of these devices.

Site screenshots:



Creating a database on the hosting.

In the file classes/_class.config.php we change the connection data to the database, and set up the store there 

Download the Adaptive Website Surfing script for free