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the script of the Clash Royal browser game with money withdrawal

Download the script of the CLASH ROYAL browser game for free with the withdrawal of real money.

Clash Royal – A fantastic browser game with money withdrawal based on the mobile game ClashRoyale is already available in our catalog. By downloading the game script for free, you will provide yourself with a constant stable income on the Internet. The game itself is created very beautifully with a unique gameplay. After you download this game and become its owner, you will provide your users with a beautiful gaming product that they will play with great pleasure. After all, the Clash Royal game differs in its gameplay from many other games of similar themes. Only in this game there is a battle arena where players will place their heroes’ cards. 21 game cards can be placed in the battle arena. In total, the game has six game cards (Goblin, Drago, Orig, Lord, Prince and Giant) that your players will buy and place in the battle arena. The cheapest card costs 149 rubles, the most expensive is 12,000 rubles. All the money from the purchase of game cards will go to you as the owner of this site. And that’s not all, because each game card has its own life span, and after a certain time it will disappear and you will have to buy it back and increase your income back as the owner of this game. The game provides a gazebo for players to communicate with each other, a daily bonus that will make your users come back to the game again and again. There is an investor competition that will encourage you to invest money in the game while increasing your income. There is a three-tier affiliate program that will attract even more players to your Clash Royal game. Please note that you will receive all four advertising banners along with the game in psd format and will be able to edit them for your domain in Photoshop and get ready-made banners already with your domain. How to do this is described in detail in the instructions that the Game was tested for accepting payment of funds on the popular Payer payment system. This game also provides two more payment systems: Kiwi wallet and Yandex money. We have not tested these payment systems for accepting funds and paying out, but the handler files (_insert_yandexdengi.php and qiwi_result.php ) is in the game itself. If you want to connect these payments to the game, then you need to make them visible to users on the balance replenishment and payments page, as well as on the main page to open images from these payments.

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Creating a database on the hosting.

In the file classes/_class.config.php we change the connection data to the database, and set up a payment store there.

Download the script of the CLASH ROYAL browser game for free