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CASH CARRY script invest games for free

Download the CASH ARMY game script for free

CASH ARMY is an economic game with the withdrawal of real money, with the possibility of earning money without investments

Create a new account and get the opportunity to earn stable money, hire equipment and earn income. Buy more equipment and earn even more. Withdraw profits automatically.

Military technics
Start your journey by buying equipment.
Your technique is your strength

Army development
Buy more equipment and earn more income every day

Collecting profits
Go to war and collect the profit earned by your equipment

Withdrawal of funds
Withdraw funds at any time convenient for you. The money will arrive automatically


Unique design
We have developed a unique and, most importantly, user-friendly design and an adaptive interface for the players

Promotions and contests
Take part in regular contests and promotions. You can use them to increase your income

Surfing and bonuses
Earn extra money by surfing websites, get daily bonuses, complete quests without attachments

Open statistics
The statistics of the project are transparent and open for viewing by any user of the site

Instant payments
All payments are processed automatically, without any manual intervention in the payment process

Secure server
For maximum protection against attacks, the project has a dedicated surfer, backups and data encryption

Site screenshots:

CASH ARMYскрипт инвест игры
CASH ARMYскрипт инвест игры