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Legion Money is an economic game script

Download for free the modern script of the economic game Legion Money. Beautiful animation, various modules, a convenient admin panel and good functionality

Easy installation and configuration.

Protection against hacking is installed


Replenishment of the balance: Payeer, Free-Kassa, AdvCash, Yandex.Money.
Withdrawal of funds: Payeer, Free-Kassa, AdvCash, Yandex.Money,MTS,Beeline,Megafon,Tele2.
1-5-level referral system.
Surfing with a separate account.
Contests for investors and referrals.
Daily bonus.
Payment password.
Linking wallets.
A convenient admin panel (tariffs, percentages, etc.).
The choice is automatic or manual payments.

About the project:

According to experts, the average average player spends $ 700 per year on games. But no one wants to be average and ordinary. The goal of any player is to become the best of the best and achieve the highest scores. And for this, the players are ready to do anything. And this is in the truest sense of the word. In order to stand out from the crowd and get to the top of the leaders, players are willing to pay large sums to get the most effective weapons and opportunities that others do not have. After all, only by possessing the most powerful items can you defeat enemies and become a leader.

At the same time, many people are busy with work and daily chores. They can’t spend whole days and nights playing and getting the artifact they need for further victories.But you can’t become a leader, the best of the best, and at the same time not spend time slowly and gradually moving from the very bottom to the top leaders. It turns out that this is not the case. Everything is possible in games. By paying money, you can buy an advanced account, which was previously promoted by an experienced player, gaining victories and putting the account in the lead. For money, you can get any weapon and things you need to win. You don’t have to put in a lot of effort to become a leader. It’s enough to spend a lot of money, more than your opponent paid, to defeat him.

In games, it is often not the player’s skills and abilities that matter more, but his financial capabilities. Having large monetary resources is much easier to win.

LEGION MONEY’s main income is to provide LEGION MONEY game users with everything they need to win. We carefully analyze the market and trading platforms selling various game characters and game tools, carefully study their prices and look for the most reasonable prices in order to further sell the purchased item at a more attractive price. In fact, we earn money from game arbitration. Although our team has specialists who independently promote game accounts and extract valuable game items.

LEGION MONEY is the most profitable game with a huge community of users. For this reason, there is a huge selection of characters and rare items for the LEGION MONEY game on the marketplaces. There is a large selection of already advanced accounts. LEGION MONEY game tools are easy to buy and sell. This is their main advantage!

The huge community of users of the LEGION MONEY game provides LEGION MONEY with stable and high incomes, which we are ready to share with our investors in order to earn even more profit by working on the most popular platforms for selling accounts and game elements around the world.

To make even more profit, LEGION MONEY specialists have developed trading bots that track the prices of game elements on the world’s most popular sites with the largest number of participants and buys characters, accounts and items at the cheapest prices, while simultaneously selling them on other sites at higher prices. Gaming arbitrage is the most profitable and least risky type of trading, as all transactions are carried out automatically and occur almost instantly.

We are not standing still, as the competition in the gaming industry is the biggest and toughest. Therefore, it is constantly necessary to be one step ahead of competitors, regularly updating tools for automated trading and introducing new technologies.

An experienced team and the most modern and advanced technologies allow us to consistently maintain our leading position and increase our profits in the fast-growing and profitable gaming market. And choosing the most popular and fast-paced game only increases LEGION MONEY’s revenue.

Site screenshots:

Legion Money скрипт экономической игры
Legion Money скрипт экономической игры