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The script of the game Brave Knights – Brave Knights

Download the script for the game BRAVE KNIGHTS – BRAVE KNIGHTS for free

Let me introduce you to one of the most beautiful farms with an exciting game story. We meet Brave Knights – Brave knights. And so a little bit about the farm itself and how you will have additional income on it by becoming its owner. The game itself is made very beautifully, which will not leave any player indifferent and will make him return to the game every time. And this is exactly what we need, because the more players there are, the more your future income in this game will be. Here, as usual, you need to hire workers in order for them to bring income, but everything is not as simple as it seems. Firstly, the hiring of each worker is limited in time and has a life span of only three months. Even if there are enough workers, a warehouse is needed to collect the available resources, and boards are needed to build a warehouse, and boards can be bought at a retail store. So, while the player starts earning, he will have to make a significant contribution to the game, the main thing is that it’s all so exciting and tempting that contributions to the game itself will be even more likely not only for the sake of earning money, but because of the gameplay itself. After all, the game provides experience, energy and mood, and if there is not something from one, then it is not possible to perform this or that action. For example, to eat in the dining room to replenish energy or drink beer to cheer up. For all this, the player will have to pay, and therefore increase your income. After buying the game, there will already be resources in the shop to sell to new players, for example, boards for building a warehouse, and there will also be bread in the dining room to replenish energy. When your players set up a lot of buildings and reach the desired level, they will be able to replenish the canteen shop and so on themselves. And yet, in the administrative part of the site, it is possible to enable or disable registration with email confirmation, as well as set payments in automatic or manual mode.

In general, the SCRIPT of the GAME BRAVE KNIGHTS – Brave Knights is worthy of attention and is ready to come under your control and bring you income

Site screenshots:



Creating a database on the hosting.

In the file classes/_class.config.php we change the connection data to the database, and set up the Payeer store there.

Download the SCRIPT of the GAME BRAVE KNIGHTS for free