Bitcoin (BTC) Digital Goods Payment Script

Bitcoin (BTC) Digital Goods Payment Script

Blockonomics payment gateway.

To work, you need a btc wallet such as blockchain and register on the Blockonomics gateway.

Simple settings. There is an instruction (video) and a txt.

The principle of operation.

A link is generated www.ваш_сайт/buy.php?id=16
You can simply create products and insert a link to the payment on your website.
The client pays for example 0.0002 BTC after Two confirmations, a link is displayed after payment.
There is a script for adding products to the database. You specify the amount of the description and the link after payment.
All products can be displayed on the main page.
There is a page for the withdrawal of already paid goods orders.php
Reliable protection. Your digital goods will not be stolen.The payment amount cannot be substituted. Everything is linked to a specific IP address of the buyer.

All php code is Commented out .

If you have any questions about the installation, write in the telegram.

Register on the Blockonomics gateway website

PHP Скрипт оплаты цифровых товаров Bitcoin (BTC) Blockonomics
Registration is simple. Enter your email and come up with a password. A confirmation code will be sent to your email.

PHP Скрипт оплаты цифровых товаров Bitcoin (BTC) Blockonomics

Who doesn’t know. What is the Blockonomics trading solution? In fact, it is a payment gateway for accepting payments on your site.

Blockonomics allows you to accept Bitcoin payments on your website. Payments are sent directly to your Bitcoin wallet

To enable payments on your site, you need a BTC bitcoin wallet, for example in

Go to the seller’s page and complete the wizard by clicking “Start For Free” Get Started For Free .

PHP Скрипт оплаты цифровых товаров Bitcoin (BTC) Blockonomics

After that, you will be able to receive payments on your website using any of our ecommerce integrations/using our payment API.

Further… Enter your XPUB wallet

XPUB is required to generate a bitcoin address to receive
Payments directly to your wallet. It’s perfectly safe! We never ask for private keys and do not have access to your wallet.

How to make XPUB Watch the video.
Go to the settings / (upper corner is on the right) Select the menu – Wallets and addresses
Further.. Bitcoin – look at the Actions link on the right – Manage.
Further.. click Additional Options. and select Show xPub.
Further.. copy the long code – xpub6BipB2W…………………
Next.. we insert it into

PHP Script for payment for digital goods Bitcoin (BTC) Blockonomics

Almost everything is ready.

In We have the API Key we need.

Further.. you will need to register the HTTP Callback URL and API data in the script itself.


1. Create a database and fill in database.sql

2. Fill in the script and Register the database data in the files config.php , down.php

3. We write it in the file config.php Blockonmics API.

4. It is necessary to register the HTTP Callback URL link.
Go to the folder check/index.php In it, we write the Code in the callback. For example HDFHDFHG
The link will look like this.
https://Ваш_Сайт.com/endpoint?secret =Your_code
Embedding your link in the

Next, we can test the payment.

Video review of the script..

Script Settings