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The script of the game Gold Movement is free

Download the Gold Movement Game Script for free In a beautiful and modern design


Launch your gold mechanism once, and receive money daily, without restrictions and limits!


Join the efficient gold mechanism! The mechanism mines gold for you, even when you are asleep! Money should work for you, not you for them.
We have a game, but it is more prone to mining rubles. The payback period for improvements to the mechanism is 23-20 days, with active play and account leveling, you can improve the mechanism for free, it will take time and effort, but the profit can be up to 10 days of payback.

In fact, there is both passive income and active income. Active income increases passive income as a percentage. Therefore, one does not interfere with the other, but complements it.

There is SURFING, when you have viewed the link, you get a reward — speed, +1 to speed. Bonus speed — increase your current income by % + all purchased improvements for the Mechanism are improved (pass. income)

Site screenshots:

Скрипт игры Gold Movement