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The script of the Gnomgames investment game

Download the Gnomgame Investment Game Script for free

An exciting game with real money withdrawal without points and investments!

Hire dwarves and sell stones.
There are 5 dwarves of different levels to choose from, who will mine stones for you, they need to be collected and sold in your warehouse, in return receiving the game currency — silver.

Buying dwarves — here you can hire dwarves of different price categories, they will get you the stones that you need to sell.

Collecting stones — in your warehouse you keep all the stones that you need to collect and sell, receiving silver for this, which can later be exchanged through an exchanger or withdrawn by receiving real money.

Silver exchange — you can exchange your silver in the exchanger. From the balance for withdrawal to the balance for purchases.

Top up the balance — here is the procedure for replenishing the game account balance for purchases. Funds are replenished and credited automatically.

Order a payout — in this section, the process of withdrawing funds from the balance for withdrawal is underway. Payments work automatically and without additional charges.commissions.

The bonus system is a great opportunity to increase your income without replenishing your game balance. There is a bonus once every 24 hours, a bonus for clicking on the banner and there is also an investor bonus here the bonus amount depends on your deposits.The investor bonus is issued to the withdrawal account!!!

My referrals — in the section you have a unique with your ID. account and all promotional materials. The more active referrals there are, the higher the % of your income will be. Participate in the promotion of the project, this is your additional. a source of income.Referral Exchange — On this page you can choose a free referral and purchase it for silver from your WITHDRAWAL account. Prices change automatically-seize the moment to buy cheaper! The more active the referral is on the project, the higher the price!!!

My profile contains all the information you are interested in about your account. Gnomgame is an amazing and exciting game. The project administration would like anyone to be able to achieve success in life, find friends and like-minded people, become more aware of how to manage their own business and properly allocate their time.

The script has been tested and is ready to work immediately after installation.

Hacking protection is installed.

Upload the script files to the server
Load the database from the ……sql file
Open the file classes/_class.config.php and edit the Database connection
public $UserDB = “”; (DB Username) public $PassDB = “”; (DB Password)
public $BaseDB = “***”; (DB Name)
Set the start date in the same place:
public $SYSTEM_START_TIME = 1452384000;
Payeer accepting funds
Log in to payeer and create a store
Open the file classes/_class.config.php and edit the variables $shopId and $secretW


Payeer Payouts
Log in to payeer and create an API user
Open the file classes/_class.config.php and edit the variables $AccountNumber, $apiId and $apiKey

Before starting the project, BE sure to register your first account. All referrals that did not come by ref. link will go under it!!!

Site screenshots :

Скрипт инвестиционной игры Gnomgame
Скрипт инвестиционной игры Gnomgame