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The bonus script with the Fakepay bot

Download for free the working script of the bonus program with the Fakepay bot.

The script version is 2.3. The script contains protection against SQL injections.The hole from arbitrary withdrawal of money is also closed, the user can withdraw only what he earned. The most important thing is the fakepay bot.

You can include both deposits and payments, everything works fine and does not interfere with real deposits and payments (it works with the help of crowns).

The settings are all as in the usual doubler in the core/config folder, the ref. and admin % are also displayed there. Connection instructions are attached. It only works with PHP 5.6 version.

First, you need to create a database on the hosting.
Create a website (a directory for the script) and link the domain name.
Upload the script files to the hosting.
Start the installation . After all this, change the name to your own, in the core config folder you need to register pyeer as well as all the settings to %admin and your wallet. important! to avoid stealing money in the folder
core/pay_user.php before if($with_sum>$min_payeer){
you need to insert
$speed=$db->getOne(“SELECT speed FROM ss_users WHERE id=?s”, $id);
$updat=$db->getOne(“SELECT updat FROM ss_users WHERE id=?s”, $id);
$with_sum=number_format($with_sum, 2, ‘.’, ”);

This is a balance check and it will make no difference what was substituted there) only the balance will be displayed!!!

To the bot’s account, you can also specify the amount of min in the fakepay file. max.
in both 82 and 91 lines , we put 3 so that only payments are made . or 2 that would only replenish (at the start of the project)
example 82 $wallets[3], $sum, time(),3,$percent) and 91 $wallets[3], $sum, time(),3,$sum);
In order for deposits and payments to work, we put them at 82 (2) and at 91 (3)
IN ORDER FOR THE BOT TO WORK, you need to connect the CROWNS! It’s easy to set it up! As a rule, there are instructions on each hosting.

Setting up Merchant connections:

Successful payment URL: http://сайт/index.php?e=payeerbilling&m=success
The URL of the failed payment : http://сайт/index.php?e=payeerbilling&m=fail
The URL of the handler: http://сайт/core/success_pay.php

Скрипт бонусника с ботом Fakepay
Скрипт бонусника с ботом Fakepay