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Speed Car Online Payeer Bonus Script

Download the Payeer script for Speed Car Online bonus for free.Without holes

The script of the original SPEED CAR ONLINE bonus program works with the PAYEER payment system. There is no administrative panel and it is not particularly needed here, all settings are made in the config file, the script runs on a full machine without your participation. The point is that by paying for power, participants increase their income.

Automatic replenishment and payments to the Payeer payment system work properly, as well as the script has been tested and is fully functional.

Anti-hacking protection is installed!


The data from the database is written in the file core/config.php it also makes all the necessary settings

Setting up Merchant connections:

Successful payment URL: http://сайт/index.php?e=payeerbilling&m=success
The URL of the failed payment : http://сайт/index.php?e=payeerbilling&m=fail
The URL of the handler: http://сайт/core/success_pay.php

Скачать бесплатно  скрипт Payeer бонусника Speed Car Online