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The script of the bookcase Shabashka NEW design

Download for free the original script of the book of Shabashka with all functions.

The script has a lottery, investments, surfing sites, tasks.


We fill the sql database in phpMyAdmin

We register the connection data to the database and from the vk application for authorization in the file classes/_config.class.php (there are hints there)

We create the VK application here:
Platform: Standalone application

you need to register the ID from vk in the file views/subs/_leftbar.php

We also specify the data from the wallet in the file classes/_pconf.class.php (there are hints in the file)

Paer handler /payeer_op

Go to the file on the way
views/admin/login.view.php line 6 — $allowed_ips = “”;
Instead of zeros, we register our ip so that only you have access to the admin authorization page.

The admin panel has 3 levels of protection:

Login, password
An additional step is the key
The administrator’s IP address (only you can access the authorization page).

To change the username, password, and administrator key, go to the database, the admin table
1 cell is a login
The 2nd cell is the password
Cell 3 is the key

Access to the admin panel:
Access data:

The site is ready for use and full-fledged operation.

Site screenshots:

Скрипт букса Шабашка
Скрипт букса Шабашка

Download the original script of the book Sabbath for free