Bank card payment script (from card to card)

QIWI P2P bank card payment script (from card to card)

Accepting payments for individuals without sole proprietors is anonymous! Funds are credited directly to your bank card, bypassing third-party services. The client does not see your details

The script is written in PHP and is designed for easy and convenient acceptance of funds from bank cards (VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, MIR).

Support for custom payment form templates (the form can look like anything, 1 template from kiwi is included).

Support for upsells (payment chains)

Notifications by mail and in telegrams about orders.


Upload files to the hosting

Editing a file conf.php

(1) Specify your credit card to be credited
(2) Generate a payment link

Example of link generation code

if($id == 0111){
$description = “Payment Samsung Galaxy S9”;
$amount = 100;
$sucess = “good.html”; // successful payment
$fail = “error.html”; // failed payment
$order_id = $_GET[“order”];

$id == 0111 // this is a unique link ID where the payment amount is indicated, description and links after payment

The link to the payment is displayed simply – /?0111

/?0111 (you can make as many links as you want)